The La Plata Public Safety Cadets displayed a stellar performance at the Public Safety Cadets National Competition and Training Conference, earning a 2nd place trophy that they proudly presented to Mayor James and members of the La Plata Council yesterday evening.

In an event known as the “Summer Showdown,” held this past July in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the La Plata Police Department’s Public Safety Cadet program joined over 100 teams nationwide in a weeklong competition. Various events tested the skills the cadets acquired during their home agency training.

The competition featured a variety of challenges, all designed to simulate real-life scenarios and test the participants’ abilities to respond. Events included:

  • AirSoft Challenge
  • Police Biking
  • Physical Fitness
  • Drill Team
  • Response to an Active Shooter
  • Arrest and Search
  • Burglary in Progress
  • Felony Traffic Stops
  • Force Options
  • Identifying Human Trafficking
  • Officer Rescue
  • Unknown Trouble

The LPPD’s Public Safety Cadet team particularly excelled in the “Unknown Trouble” competition hosted by the Tennessee Valley Authority Police Department, securing 2nd place in the competitive field.

The mission of the Public Safety Cadet program is much more than just competition. It aims to mentor young adults in serving their communities. The program offers education and training led by public safety professionals, emphasizing character-building, physical fitness, and a deep respect for the law.

The La Plata Public Safety Cadets’ remarkable achievement at the National Competition is a testament to the program’s success. It reflects the dedication and hard work the cadets and their mentors put in.

Mayor James and the La Plata Council commended the team for their accomplishment, recognizing it as a symbol of commitment and excellence in public safety. The community of La Plata has expressed immense pride in their Public Safety Cadets, with many looking forward to future successes.

The Public Safety Cadets National Competition and Training Conference serves as a national platform to showcase the skills and abilities of aspiring public safety professionals. By encouraging participation from all over the United States, it fosters an environment of camaraderie, learning, and growth.

The La Plata Police Department’s participation and triumph in this significant event underscores the effectiveness of such initiatives in cultivating responsible young adults eager to make a positive impact in their communities.

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