PATUXENT RIVER NAVAL AIR STATION, MD – Communities near Naval Air Station Patuxent River should brace for elevated noise levels as the base conducts essential nighttime testing events from September 12 to 22, 2023. The operations will occur between 5 p.m. and midnight and focus on realistic night flight scenarios, including Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP).

The testing is designed to equip pilots at NAS Pax River with crucial skills needed for precise and safe operations in night conditions. This training is vital for their missions’ success and military personnel’s safety. During this period, residents in the surrounding areas may experience increased noise levels due to the aircraft activities.

The Navy assures the public that it is taking measures to minimize the community impact of these necessary tests. Residents seeking additional information about the operations or noise levels can contact 1-866-819-9028 for assistance.

For a comprehensive list of current noise advisories related to NAS Patuxent River, individuals are encouraged to visit the official Navy website at

Nighttime training and tests like these are a part of routine military preparation. They are designed to simulate real-world conditions that pilots may encounter, enhancing their readiness and efficacy in various operations. In this case, the Field Carrier Landing Practice is particularly significant as it trains pilots in the specialized skill of landing on an aircraft carrier. This maneuver demands high precision, especially under the cover of darkness.

The Naval Air Station at Patuxent River is one of the Navy’s premier testing facilities. It plays a critical role in developing and evaluating naval aviation systems and technologies. The facility employs thousands of military and civilian personnel and is vital to the country’s defense infrastructure.

The notification of these operations aligns with the Navy’s long-standing commitment to maintaining open communication with communities impacted by its activities. NAS Pax River routinely issues advisories and engages with the public to provide updates on operations that may affect residents, demonstrating a consistent effort to be a good neighbor.

Similar advisories have been issued for other tests and training exercises in the past, showing that the Navy is mindful of the community even as it carries out essential national security tasks. While the increased noise levels may cause some inconvenience, these operations are critical for ensuring that military personnel are adequately prepared for the challenges they face in service to the nation.

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