LEONARDTOWN, MD – Two days ago, on September 20, authorities from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office (SMCSO) and firefighters from the Second District Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle fire in Drayden, Maryland. Upon arrival, firefighters reported successfully extinguishing the blaze engulfing a 2011 Ford Ranger. An unidentified deceased male was discovered in the vehicle’s driver’s seat.

Officials from the Maryland Office of the State Fire Marshal and the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of SMCSO have initiated an investigation into the incident. The identity of the deceased male is yet to be confirmed, and details are being withheld pending identification.

The Sheriff’s Office Collision Reconstruction Unit has assumed responsibility for the investigation. Authorities request the public’s assistance for any information related to this case. Individuals with relevant information are encouraged to contact Corporal Shawn Shelko via email at shawn.shelko@stmaryscountymd.gov or by telephone at 301-475-4200, Ext. 8147.

Firefighters from the Second District Volunteer Fire Department were the first to arrive and manage the vehicle fire before reporting their findings to the deputies. How the fire started and whether it was accidental or deliberate remains unclear. Investigators are likely to examine all possible angles, including mechanical failure, human error, or even criminal activity, to determine the cause of the blaze and the subsequent fatality.

While no further information is available, the case has raised concerns in the community. Residents have been urged to report any suspicious activity or information about this event. Law enforcement officials remain vigilant and are putting in concerted efforts to resolve the case swiftly.

With the investigation in its initial stage, authorities are keeping details close to the vest, awaiting forensic and other investigative results. Those findings will be critical in solving the mystery surrounding the vehicle fire and the unidentified deceased male. Until then, the investigation remains open, and authorities are eager to hear from anyone with information beneficial to the case.

The incident in Drayden is a somber reminder of the complexities law enforcement agencies face while dealing with cases that involve fatalities under uncertain circumstances. It also serves as a caution to the general public to remain vigilant and report any information that could assist authorities in such investigations.

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