(PASADENA, MD, Sept. 21, 2023) – For many, the holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can be a challenging period for those grieving the loss of a loved one. The Chesapeake Life Center in Pasadena, Maryland, offers a workshop to assist families, including children and teens, cope with grief while participating in seasonal festivities.

The “Living with Loss through the Holidays” workshop aims to help adults and their young family members find a delicate balance between grieving and maintaining holiday traditions. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 7, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the John & Cathy Belcher Campus at 90 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena. Attending the workshop costs $10 per person, and advance registration is mandatory. Interested parties can register by calling 1-888-501-7077 or by sending an email to griefinfo@chesapeakelifecenter.org.

Many adults dealing with loss prefer to avoid the holiday season altogether. However, children generally still want to engage in holiday activities and traditions. This creates a complex dynamic for parents and caregivers trying to navigate their grief while keeping a semblance of normalcy for their children. The workshop aims to offer solutions through group activities and professional guidance.

Led by trained grief professionals, the workshop will facilitate group activities to help participants honor the memories of their deceased loved ones while also allowing them the emotional space to grieve. For younger attendees aged 6 to 18, the program will offer holiday-themed activities designed to assist them in understanding and managing their feelings of loss during this festive season.

“As part of the grieving process, some adults may need to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle of holiday festivities. On the other hand, they wish to preserve a sense of normalcy for their children by participating in seasonal traditions,” a statement from the Chesapeake Life Center explained. “Finding the right balance can be difficult and involves thoughtful planning, preparation, and clear communication within the family.”

The Chesapeake Life Center has made it its mission to help people at all stages of grief. This includes providing the resources and support needed to help navigate the often complex emotional landscape that accompanies losing a loved one. The “Living with Loss through the Holidays” workshop is a continuation of the center’s ongoing efforts to support grieving, especially during socially considered festive and joyful times.

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