Ausley Associates, Inc., is pleased to introduce Wendy Lee, vice president of business development and strategic operations.

Since joining Ausley, Wendy has enhanced and increased our activities in expanding and gaining new business. Her focus includes the federal government and commercial unmanned systems, along with setting the future strategy to maintain Ausley’s strategic objectives.

“Wendy filled a key role in Ausley that focuses on continued excellence for our current customers while diversify our reach for the future,” said Ausley President Scott Sanders. “She hit the deck running immediately to build our strategic business partnerships.”

“In addition, she was instrumental in developing new commercial UAS segments in Washington State, Texas and Florida, where Ausley is conducting inspections of power lines and cell towers,” added Sanders. “Wendy has made significant strides in helping us grow into sectors we have not touched in the past. She is well-versed in nurturing customers and teaming partners. I have no doubt she will lead our long-range strategic plans to success.”

Wendy has more than 20 years of successful technical, operations and program management expertise. As a member of Ausley’s Executive Management Team, she reports to Sanders and Ausley’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Ausley.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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