In recognition of your selection as Employees of the Third Quarter for 2017.  Your sustained and unparalleled performance is a direct reflection of your experience, compassion, and dedication.  Your work ethic and demeanor have brought praise from subordinates, peers, and supervisors alike. You have become an ambassador to our profession and it is evident that your exceptional performance  exemplifies the highest standards of the agency.


Cpl. W. Daniel Ray                           Ms. Karen Moore


From January 17-22, 2017, multiple patrol units dealt with an individual in relation to issues concerning alcoholism.  The individual was occupying a considerable amount of resources including patrol officers, emergency services, and hospital staff.  The individual was homeless and had no other resources to offer him assistance.  Cpl. Stone identified the problem and reported the individual could seriously injure himself or die if not helped.  Cpl. Stone went above and beyond his duties to get appropriate help for the victim.  Cpl. Stone facilitated getting the individual into a treatment program, and since the individual has been in the treatment program, there have been no additional issues with this individual.  It is with honor and respect to commend Cpl. Stone for his meritorious action, putting the highest regard for human life above all else.  He exemplifies what all officers should emulate.

Cpl. James Stone


On August 25, 2017, Dep. Bowie responded to the report of a subject not breathing.  Upon arrival he located a male victim not breathing and without a pulse.  Dep. Bowie, immediately moved the victim to a flat, hard surface, and initiated CPR.  He continued CPR until relieved by Cpl. Cathcart who took over until EMS arrived.  The victim was transported by ambulance to the hospital and admitted to ICU.  Without their lifesaving actions, the victim would not have been successfully revived.

 Dep. Shawn Bowie                     Cpl. Shawn Cathcart


Cpl. Connelly has developed into a consummate professional in his capacity as a Traffic Safety Officer and as a invaluable member of the Special Operations Division.  Currently, he is responsible for tracking and enforcement of all traffic, school bus, and ATV complaints, the stop arm program, tow company complaints/inspections, Sheriff’s Office Impound Lot audit, traffic analysis, radar and laser calibrations, accident reconstruction team member, highway safety grant management/planning, and an active Sheriff’s Office motor officer/instructor.   He consistently goes above and beyond, his love of the agency and passion for the job reflected in the way he completes his duties day after day and year after year.  Cpl. Connelly embodies everything a supervisor could want in a subordinate and he demonstrates exceptional potential to be a great supervisor.  A proven ambassador in our profession, it is with great pride and honor his sustained meritorious service to the agency and citizens of St. Mary’s County.

Cpl. Brian Connelly


On February 17, 2017, while conducting patrol in Lexington Park, Cpl. Stone observed suspicious activity on Great Mills Road.  Through training and expertise he surveilled the area witnessing a hand to hand narcotics transaction.  Cpl. Stone initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle involved, and during a search of the vehicle, he located multiple individually wrapped bags of suspected cocaine having a value of $2,050.00 and $300 in U.S. currency.  Through his keen observations and dedication to duty, the suspected cocaine was seized and the suspect charged accordingly.

Cpl. James Stone

On July 26, 2017, multiple units responded to a residential burglary in which Dep. Dale Smith located, detained, and subsequently arrested the suspect.  After his arrest, the suspect made multiple suicidal and homicidal statements.  The individual was transported to a medical facility and while there, the individual attempted suicide. Dep. Smith observed the suspect attempted to strangle himself with his shoelace by wrapping it around his neck and to the rail of the bed.  Dep. Smith immediately intervened and removed the shoelace, preventing the subject from killing himself.

Dfc. Rozier Steinbach

On August 29, 2017, while actively patrolling the area of Pegg Road, Dfc. Steinbach observed a vehicle speeding and captured the violators speed on radar.  He initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and observed it to be occupied by five subjects.  CDS was observed in plain view and search of the vehicle was conducted.  The search revealed a loaded .32 caliber handgun; the individual in possession of the firearm was arrested and charged accordingly.  Dfc. Steinbach’s relentless, proactive police efforts led to the seizure of a loaded handgun and the pending prosecution of the individual with the handgun.

Dfc. Steinbach

Recently, several Station Clerks accepted other positions within the agency, leaving Station Clerk vacancies.  On numerous occasions, Ms. Bigham covered additional shifts, worked unscheduled overtime to ensure required entries were completed, and took on the responsibility of field training new Station Clerks.  Through her selflessness she ensured all required activities of the position were maintained during this critical time and our service to the citizens of St. Mary’s County was not diminished.

Ms. Deidra Bigham

Ms. Knight was promoted to Patrol Division Administrative Coordinator on June 30, 2017.  Following her promotion, two other Station Clerks were also promoted leaving a significant void in Station Clerk coverage.  Although Ms. Knight had to learn the duties of her new position, she volunteered for additional shifts, and went above and beyond what was necessary and basically worked two jobs, and excelled at both.

Ashley Knight

Mr. O’Neill has shown exemplary investigative skills during the third quarter of 2017.  In addition to CompStat contributions, and unusually high number of criminal bulletins, he provided assistance in numerous criminal cases by identifying suspects, vehicles, and stolen property.  Additionally, he has successfully identified regional trends, and linked incidents with suspects.  With many years of law enforcement experience, Mr. O’Neill continues to use his talent and experience to mentor and train younger employees in criminal identification and trend analysis.

James O’Neill

Dfc. Tirpak has proven to be a prominent addition to her squad.  She is consistently a top producer and does not shy away from a call no matter how busy the shift has been.  As a Field Training Officer and an informal leader, she leads by example.  Dfc. Tirpak routinely mentors other officers and assists with their case ledgers.  In addition to her collateral duties, she volunteered to be on the Recruitment Committee which is already yielding results. Dfc. Tirpak takes great pride in her position and her dedication to duty, the agency, and citizens of St. Mary’s County.

Dfc. Tirpak

Cpl. Corcoran routinely serves as Squad 2B’s senior corporal for the south end and at times the entire county.  Cpl. Corcoran is a leader and one of the most productive members of the squad.  During the 3rd quarter, his efficiency and work ethic have served as an example for his squad mates to follow, particularly the younger officers.  He is routinely relied upon as a resource by younger officers due to his extensive patrol experience, ensuring policies and procedures are adhered to.  We commend Cpl. Corcoran for his relentless work ethic and leadership during this quarter.

Cpl. Corcoran


Correctional Officer Joseph Brennan

For exemplary performance and attention to detail in the recovery of CDS, paraphernalia, and other contraband while conducting intake searches during the third quarter of 2017.

CO Brennan

Sgt. Keith Moritz (Not Pictured)
Cpl. Daniel Snyder (Not Pictured)
Cpl. Patrick Handy (Not Pictured)
Dfc. Rozier Steinbach (Not Pictured)
Dfc. Matthew McCuen (Not Pictured)
Dep. Carl Ball (Not Pictured)
Dep. Shawn Bowie
Dep. Andrew Budd
Dep. Philip Henry
Dep. Philip Robinson (Not Pictured)

For exemplary performance in performing CPR and successfully administering Naloxone to overdose victims during the third quarter of 2017.  As a result of  your immediate and decisive actions, the victims were revived and survived their overdose.

  Pictured Left to Right – Dep Bowie, Dep. Henry, Dep. Budd, Sheriff Cameron

Dep. Shawn Bowie
For exemplary performance conducting an assault investigation on July 23-August 6, 2017.  The investigation was related to a social media post.  Dep. Bowie spent an exorbitant amount of time following social media posts, press releases, and law enforcement data bases, to identify the suspects. The extensive investigation resulted in two arrests, closing the case.

Dep. Shawn Bowie

Dfc. Austin Schultz

On August 18, 2017, Dfc. Schultz, conducted an investigation into multiple burglaries to motor vehicles.  Through an extensive investigation, he was able to locate the suspect and obtain a confession for the crimes. He went above and beyond to successfully close these cases ending a string of similar thefts and stopping a criminal element plaguing the county.

Dfc. Schultz

Cpl. Joseph Somerville

Cpl.  Somerville always exudes professionalism and dedication to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of St. Mary’s County.  His involvement with the community has helped build trust between citizens and law enforcement.  In addition to all of his duties, he assists with instructing Certified Motor Officers of the Sheriff’s Office and recently volunteered to assist in teaching officer safety and patrol skills at the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy.  Cpl. Somerville’s passion for the job continues even when his is not working by assisting with funeral details and speaking with citizens on his days off.  In August, a citizen called to praise his professionalism during an interaction at the Leonardtown Wharf.  Cpl. Somerville models the theory of community policing in everything he does and his dedication to our profession, our agency, and the county is unmatched.

Cpl. Somerville

Dep. Taylore Siciliano

Dep. Siciliano constantly maintains a positive attitude and dedication to working as a team not only with her squad, but throughout the agency.  She continuously demonstrates her willingness to accept any assignment with enthusiasm and a drive to complete the assignment in a timely manner.  Dep. Siciliano vigorously investigates her cases until all leads have been exhausted and documents them in detailed written reports.  Despite her numerous collateral duties, she is consistently one of the top producers on her squad and frequently assist other squads with manpower shortages.  Although, she has less than four years service with our agency, Dep. Siciliano has established herself as a knowledgeable, dependable, and respected officer.  This is an accomplishment rarely achieved by officers with such short tenure.

Dep. Siciliano

Cpl.  Dale Reppel
Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage
Dep. McClure

On August 31, 2017, multiple units responded to an audible alarm at a business which sells firearms.  Cpl. Reppel was the first to arrive and observed the front glass door to be shattered.  As he approached the front door, a male carrying a book bag ran from the gun counter.  Cpl. Reppel immediately began giving verbal commands; Dep. McClure and Cpl. Flerlage also arrived on scene and assisted Cpl. Reppel.  Ultimately, the juvenile suspect was taken into custody without incident.  Several guns as well as ammunition were recovered from the suspect’s book bag.  Their immediate response and control of the scene prevented the handguns from being stolen, sold illegally, and the incident concluded without anyone being injured

    Cpl. Reppel                      Cpl. Flerlage
Dep. McClure

Dep.Carl Ball

On August 15, 2017, a report was taken for a burglary to a shed where several dirt bikes were stolen.  The initial investigation did not yield any leads or suspects.  On August 23, 2017, Dep. Ball conducted a follow-up investigation and through his investigative skills and tenacity, two suspects were developed. Dep. Ball ultimately recovered the four stolen dirt bikes.  Dep. Ball went above and beyond to successfully close this case resulting in the victim getting their property back and suspects being arrested and charged accordingly.

Dep. Ball

Cpl. Glen Knott

For exemplary performance of duties from August 1-September 30, 2017.  Cpl. Knott has increased his production while maintaining the highest caliber of investigations.  In addition to an increased work product, he is an informal leader amongst junior personnel in his patrol sector.  Cpl. Knott can be counted on to conduct complex investigations and assist others in the absence of supervision.  His exceptional service exemplifies his dedication to duty, reflecting positively on his co-workers, supervisors, and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Cpl. Knott

Dfc. Rozier Steinbach

On September 29, 2017, while conducting proactive patrols in the area of Great Mills Road, Dfc. Steinbach observed a mountain bike which he immediately recognized from a press release disseminated several days prior.  The bike in question was stolen from the Leonardtown area and investigated by another squad.  He immediately notified the duty officer and began attempting to positively identify the bike.  Meanwhile, he observed a known wanted suspect in the area.  Dfc. Steinbach managed to maintain custody of the bike and take the wanted suspect into custody.  Dfc. Steinbach in consistently proactive and relentlessly pursues the criminal element in his assigned area.  His proactive approach to policing coupled with his keen observation skills led to the recovery of the mountain bike.  The bike was returned to the owner; Dfc. Steinbach exemplifies dedication to duty and reflects positively on the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Dfc. Steinbach

Dep. Philip Robinson

On September 25, 2017, Dep. Robinson conducted an investigation for a reported burglary and theft.  During the investigation a suspect vehicle and suspect description were developed, however no further investigative information was initially obtained.  The following day, Dep. Robinson handed another burglary, and after reviewing security footage, he identified the suspect and vehicle from his previous burglary.  Through his stellar investigative skills and tenacity, he developed sufficient evidence to charge the suspect with both burglaries.  Dep. Robinson did not allow the initial lack of investigative information to deter him from pursuing the case.  He pursued the investigation, going above and beyond, resulting in the successful closure of two commercial burglaries with arrests.

Dep. Robinson

Dfc. Sheena Tirpak

On August 18, 2017, Dfc. Tirpak,  investigated two attempted burglaries and developed a suspect.  Upon locating the suspect, she conducted an interview, and was able to develop sufficient evidence to charge the suspect with both attempted burglaries and property destructions.

Dfc. Tirpak

Lt. Brian Hartz (Not Pictured)
Retired Lt. Saraha Norris
Retired Lt. William Baker
Mr. Andrew Cheney

From August 1-September 30, 2017, the Corrections Division instituted a new Correctional TV System.  An implementation team was formed; Lt. Brian Hartz, Ret. Lt. Saraha Norris, Ret. Lt. William Baker, and Mr. Andrew Cheney.  The team spent countless hours coordinating the daily on-site visits by the vendor.  The new system not only provides regular television but has a channel for information which the Corrections Division may tailor to initiatives, inmate orientation, and  PREA, to meet state and federal standards.  The team worked tirelessly to implement the new system exemplifying their dedication to duty and reflecting positively on the division and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Pictured Left to Right- Ret. Lt. Norris, Mr. Cheney,  Ret. Lt. Baker, Sheriff Cameron

Lt. Bonnie Payne (Not Pictured)
Retired Lt. Saraha Norris
Retired Lt. William Baker
Sgt. Catherine Poole
Mr. Andrew Cheney

From August 1- September 30, 2017, the Corrections Division instituted a new cell check and log book entry system.  An implementation team was formed; Lt. Bonnie Payne, Ret. Lt. Saraha Norris, Ret. Lt. William Baker, Sgt. Catherine Poole, and Mr. Andrew Cheney.  The team worked hard to ensure the new system was installed and formatted to match detention center’s cell assignment configuration, set-up the new equipment, and ensured connectivity with the facilities Wi-Fi. The successful implementation of this program and continued success of the division is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of this team.

Pictured Left to Right- Ret. Lt. Norris, Mr. Cheney, Ret. Lt. Baker,Sgt. Poole, Sheriff Cameron

Georgia Belleavoine
Deidra Bigham
Ashley Knight
Bianca Reeder (Not Pictured)

In June 2017, several station clerks were transferred to other positions within the agency, resulting in a shortage to cover the 24/7 position.  Due to the importance of the position, a plan was developed and implemented to provide maximum coverage until new station clerks could be hired and trained.  Georgia Belleavoine, Ashley Knight, Deidra Bigham, and Bianca Reeder made numerous personal sacrifices, worked countless additional shifts and overtime, and coordinated their activities to ensure the shortage was seamless to the public.  Additional requirements of field training new staff added complications and doubled the workload.  Due to their teamwork and dedication, all duties of the vacant positions are meeting necessary requirements, to serve the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

Pictured Left to Right- Georgia Belleavoine, Deidra Bigham, Ashley Knight, Sheriff Cameron

The members of the St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge #2092, applied for a grant from the National Elks Lodge, to assist the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit with funding for a narcotics detection canine, in an effort to combat the heroin epidemic in our community.  On June 17, 2017, they were awarded $2,000.00 from the Grand Lodge to present to the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit.  The money donated from Elks Lodge #2092, went toward the purchase of canine “Brix”.  K-9 Brix is a patrol and narcotics detection canine assigned to Dfc. Lacey Johnson.  We hereby salute the St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge #2092 for their continued support of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, their efforts to combat the heroin epidemic, and their endless contributions to our community and the citizens of St. Mary’s County.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

David M. Higgins was born in Baltimore and grew up in Southern Maryland. He has had a passion for journalism since high school. After spending many years in the Hospitality Industry he began working in...