For the past nine years, it has been my great pleasure to work alongside of some of the greatest individuals that call Annapolis home.

I am referring to Mayor Ellen Moyer, Mayor Josh Cohen, and Mayor Michael Pantelides. They all had to make tough financial decisions; they worked to protect the environment while addressing transportation, parking, development, the Market House and public safety issues. These three offered the city all they could give, and expected very little in return.

While you see the initiatives, legislation, budgets, and programs, you don’t get to see the real passion and the intense thought process that went into each of the decisions made, always mindful of the impact it would have on Annapolis residents, businesses, and visitors. I have great respect for them as leaders, and great empathy for the demands that were made on them personally.

I also want to thank the men and women of our City Council over the years who put the needs of their constituents before their own.

I was so fortunate to be able to work with so many talented individuals that made me a better person. Some of those great people worked for the United States Naval Academy, Visit Annapolis, Anne Arundel County Government, the County School System, HACA, our County Delegation, some were my colleagues in the city, and still others were members of the numerous organizations and groups that I worked with throughout the years. I also am grateful for our City Manager and the various Department Directors that worked closely with me to help represent the city during snow storms, hurricanes, public safety and City sponsored events.

As a deadline driven person, I will miss the media. I am grateful to all of the Baltimore and DC press, television, and radio stations that have covered our events. Thank you to Eye on Annapolis, Bay Weekly, Conexiones Annapolis Bilingual Magazine, Patch, The Capital Gazette and WNAV radio for your attention to Annapolis news.

Thank you all for this opportunity to look back on nine amazing years. Now it’s time to look forward to this new administration, which is full of excitement and enthusiasm. I know Mayor Buckley and the new City Council will accomplish great things in the next four years.

It is with a great deal of appreciation and a heart full of memories that I bid you farewell and thank you for allowing me to be share this amazing journey with all of you.

–Rhonda Wardlaw