UPPER MARLBORO, MD – CEO Kevin Maxwell proposed a $2.1 billion operating budget yesterday for Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) that would expand existing innovative programs and support increased collaboration with key partners. The CEO’s Fiscal Year 2019 proposal represents a 6.7-percent increase over last year’s revised budget.

The operating budget will support the growth of dual enrollment, including the 3D Scholars, P-TECH and the Academy of Health Sciences, while addressing the growing demands that come with the school system’s increasing enrollment.


More than 132,000 students entered Prince George’s County PGCPS classrooms this fall, which included nearly 2,100 additional students and marked the fifth consecutive year of enrollment growth. PGCPS has experienced enrollment growth of nearly 10,000 students over the last five years.


“It’s a good challenge to have. Enrollment growth is an indication that our community values its public schools and has confidence in the quality of instruction in our classrooms,” Dr. Maxwell said. “We will continue to engage our parents and community partners in ways that add value to our schools and strengthen our communities.”


Dr. Maxwell proposed $1.5 million for planning to develop a full-scale “community schools” model, aligned to the best practices of organizations and school districts from throughout the nation. This model would build on the County’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative currently supporting over 40 schools.


The PGCPS Community Schools initiative will provide a comprehensive array of resources and services provided by partners at the school. The intention is to create a feeder pattern from elementary to middle to high, where schools become centers of community life. They will be hubs of activity and learning.


The major budget recommendations include $131.5 million in the five pillars of our strategic plan:

  • Academic Excellence ($44.2 million)
  • Grow dual enrollment programs, including the new P-TECH, the Academy  of Health Sciences, and a middle college teacher preparation pathway
  • 3D Scholars began with 17 juniors this school year and 150 seats will be added for new 9th, 10th and 11th graders next school year
  • Career and technical education programs where students have opportunities to earn college credit, industry certification/licenses, or pre-apprenticeship experience prior to leaving high school.
  • Expanding full-day preK by seven classrooms. PGCPS currently has 155 full-day preK classrooms with 3,100 seats available. Capacity will increase by 198 seats
  • High-Performing Workforce ($66.5 million)
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Increase mentor teachers
  • Cultural proficiency training
  • Safe and Supportive Environments ($18.7 million)
  • Facility and Building Services supplies
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Security staff and equipment
  • Family and Community Engagement ($1.1 million); and
  • Student Safety Action Plan
  • Parent engagement assistants
  • Diversity office staffing
  • Organizational Effectiveness ($1.0 million)
  • Second review of grading and graduation certification processes
  • Customer service initiative
  • Risk Management

The FY 2019 budget proposal also includes a projected $27.2 million increase from the State and a $115.9 million increase from the County.