Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Oscar Escobar-Cruz of Hyattsville, MD was arrested on an arrest warrant for First Degree Assault obtained by the County Police on November 3rd.

According to the warrant, on October 30th, Escobar-Cruz was in the 5400 block of 16th Avenue in Hyattsville, MD where he is alleged to have punched a female victim in the face multiple times. The victim sought medical treatment for her injuries which included a broken jaw. The warrant was issued for Escobar-Cruz’s arrest after the hospital staff notified police investigators about the incident.

Upon receipt of the warrant, Sheriff’s Deputies’ investigation determined that Escobar-Cruz could be located at the address of the incident. Deputies went to the location and were informed that Escobar-Cruz was not at home by a female who answered the door. A male who came out of a room in the residence said his name was Oscar Cruz. Positively identified as the person deputies were looking for, the man was notified that there was an open warrant for his arrest, taken into custody, and transported by deputies to the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections without incident.

Escobar-Cruz is also charged Second Degree Assault.

First Degree Assault Suspect Arrested

Bobo Sow of Greenbelt, MD was arrested on November 30th on an arrest warrant for First Degree Assault obtained by the City of Greenbelt Police on November 7th.

The warrant states that on November 7th, police responded to the 9300 block of Edmonston Road in Greenbelt, MD for the report of a violent domestic incident. Once on scene the victim stated that he was arguing with Sow when Sow grabbed a knife and began to run towards him. A witness at the scene confirmed the victim’s account of the incident.

An investigation by Sheriff Deputies determined that Sow could be located at the residence where the incident occurred. Deputies went to the location; Sow answered the door, was informed of the warrant, after which he was placed into custody and transported to the Prince George’s County, MD Department of Corrections without incident.

Sow is also charged with Assault Second Degree.