Through a partnership with State Farm Insurance Company, The Office of the State Fire Marshal is enabling a local family to have a happier holiday season. The Lower Eastern Regional Office adopted the Pittman Family after they were displaced from their home on Dawn Court in Salisbury, Wicomico County due to a fire which was determined to be Arson.

The family was beginning to prepare for the Christmas Season when this fire occurred and lost all of their personal possessions as a result of the fire. The single mother and two children have been devastated by this event of which they had no control over. The fire investigation determined that someone had unlawfully entered the home, ransacked the interior, stole property and set the house on fire to conceal the crime.

Through working on the fire case and in constant contact with the family it was clearly evident that this family needed holiday blessings. The Office of the State Fire Marshal quickly deemed it appropriate to assist this family and a Grant was provided by the State Farm Insurance Company.

Members of the Lower Eastern Region Office have been shopping and have delivered their Holiday cheer to the family. Items given include a Christmas Tree with decorations, Television and DVD player, laptop computer, a platform hitch for Ms. Pittman’s vehicle which will enable her to transport her disabled son’s wheelchair as well as fire safety items including 10 year smoke alarms and a portable fire extinguisher. Also in conjunction with these efforts a Christmas Eve dinner will be delivered by Lower Eastern Regional staff.

The Pittman family is expected to be out of their home for several months while repairs are being made. The Office of the State Fire Marshal is saddened by the events which forced this family from their home and would like to give this deserving family the nicest holiday season possible.