St. Mary’s College of Maryland Professors of Mathematics David Kung and Susan Goldstine present during the National Museum of Mathematics’ Math Encounters, a free public presentation series celebrating the spectacular world of mathematics.

In January, Kung discussed “Mind-Bending Paradoxes & the Possibility of Changing Your Mind.” Great riddles and paradoxes have a history of serving as both tests and games and bringing both frustration and joy for intellectual thinkers across the globe. In confronting these conundrums, what happens when we acknowledge that what we previously thought conflicts with new evidence?

In February, Goldstine will present “The Fabric of Symmetry: Connecting Mathematics and Fiber Arts.”  Attendees will learn what knitting, embroidery, and beadwork tell us about symmetry and what symmetry tells us about design in textiles. Goldstine’s mathematical art has been recognized in juried exhibitions across the country.