On behalf of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office I would like to wish each citizen of Calvert County a very happy and prosperous 2018!

I can begin the new- year with good news. While violent crimes rose just over 4% nationally, they are down by almost 20% here in Calvert County. As your Sheriff, I am extremely proud of the efforts of both our sworn and civilian men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, whose efforts are endless in the pursuit of public service.

Although we have lowered the crime rate here at home, it is reasonably unavoidable that crimes will occur. In most instances, new cases are quickly closed. This fact is due in no small part to the experience and determination of our deputies and troopers. The public is a very important part of case closures. Without the vigilance of you, the citizens of Calvert County, providing information to our office and the Crime Solvers Hotline, our jobs would be far more difficult and perhaps our efforts not as successful! This partnership is what makes us a great community.

Currently, as a state and a nation, we are facing an opioid crisis. To maximize our success in taking more drugs off our streets the Sheriff’s Office is working with many county and state agencies. Through our partnership with the Health Department, Board of Education, Calvert Hospital Medical Center, Department of Social Services, the court system, State’s Attorney’s Office and the Maryland State Police, we are achieving success, but the problem is still ongoing. I cannot emphasize enough, “If You See Something, Say Something”. What might seem trivial or inconsequential could be just the information needed to keep drugs out of our county, lead us to the arrest of a criminal, or prevent a crime before it occurs.

I receive phones calls about traffic on Route 4 on a regular basis. Aggressive driving is a threat to public safety that we can all do something about. Please be courteous on our county roads. A bad day for one person does not have to become a bad day for you. Think before you react. I ask each citizen to consider while driving the fact that each of us owns part of the road. Please use your blinkers, give enough space between cars, and allow others to merge in ahead of you. Be the driver you want the car next to you to be!
I ask each citizen to wear your seat belt and make sure the occupants of your vehicle are doing the same. Never text while driving, obey the speed limit, never drive impaired and always move into the far lane when passing a police car that has someone pulled over. If we each do these things, we can expect 2018 to be a safe and remarkable year. My door is always open for you.

Sheriff Mike Evans