COLLEGE PARK, Md.– A Unity Mural, created collaboratively by the University of Maryland and Bowie State University, will be displayed at the Maryland House of Delegates, in the Maryland State House in Annapolis. The Maryland House of Delegates is one of many temporary locations across Prince George’s County that will display the artwork until it finds a permanent home at each institution.

To visually illustrate peace, justice and unity, students and faculty from UMD and BSU contributed their artistic talents to design and paint a unity mural at UMD’s NextNOW Fest in September 2017. The collaboration presented an opportunity for students to spark a dialogue and call to action for both university communities.

The Unity Mural consists of four brightly colored canvas panels, featuring symbols such as the sun and sky, hands, vines and doves interspersed with powerful words and text. Two panels will be installed at each university to help foster community building and healing through art and creative expression.