A job fair is a way for applicants and potential employers to meet and talk … in person. It is an opportunity to cut through the mass of electronic communication that usually accompanies a modern job search or the search for that perfect applicant.

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) will host the 2018 Tri-County Job and Career Fair from 10 am. to 2 p.m. April 10 at the college’s La Plata Campus to provide both job seekers and employers this valuable opportunity.

Naval Research Laboratory HR Specialist Tara Bright has participated in five tri-county job fairs at CSM, presenting on federal employment at three of those events. The NRL has hired candidates at those fairs, Bright said.

“It is always great to meet with potential candidates face to face to see more of their personality,” Bright said. “The resume only tells you so much. The job fair adds the ‘human factor,’ which allows you to see the person’s presentation, verbal communication and a peek into their personality.”

Another local employer SMECO has also participated in the job fair for at least the last five years, according to Human Resources Director Cindy Rauner. SMECO participates both because it is an opportunity to find employees that are good fit for the company and because SMECO sees the fair as a community relations opportunity, Rauner said.

“We, too, are a community organization and want to try to be visible to our members and others that might have an interest in working here at SMECO,” Rauner said. “Sometimes we have open positions at the entry level and sometimes we have more degree-specific open positions. Either way we want to support CSM and the community by participating.”

2017 Job Fair
CSM 2018 Tri-County Job and Career Fair. 10 a.m.-2 p.m., April 10. College of Southern Maryland, La Plata Campus, Center for Business and Industry (BI Building), 8730 Mitchell Rd., La Plata. Employer registration is open until March 27 to participate in the 2018 Tri-County Job and Career Fair. Cost is $175. A participating employer profile search will be open to job seekers starting Feb. 21. A representative from the federal government will present a workshop, “Navigating the Federal Hiring Process.” 301-934-7569, www.csmd.edu/JobFair.

That participation pays off. “Out of the community job fairs we attend, CSM’s is one of the best attended by applicants seeking employment,” Rauner said. “I feel it provides a great resource to the students, community and local employers.”

Employer registration is open until March 27 for those businesses who would like to participate in this year’s fair. Cost is $175, and registration form and payment must be received by March 27 to guarantee a spot. For more information, call 301-934-7569. To register, visit www.csmd.edu/JobFair.