Two students conducting their St. Mary’s Project research with Aileen Bailey, professor of psychology and Aldom-Planseon Honors College Professor, have received grants to support their work.

Marilyn Steyert ’18 was awarded an undergraduate research grant from Sigma Xi. Her grant is for $918 (Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research) to support her research on “The role of fast-acting antidepressant L-655,708 on the hippocampus and nucleus accumbens.”

Steyert is working on this project with Maxwell Madden ’18, who has been awarded an undergraduate grant from Psi Chi. Madden was awarded $1,500 (Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Grant) to support his SMP “Examination of the Mechanism of the Fast Acting Antidepressant L-655,708.”

Steyert’s grant will be used to support immunohistochemistry and Madden’s grant will be used to support drug delivery.