On Wednesday, January 31, during the school-wide Catholic Schools Week mass, Mrs. Amy Cricchi, Director of Enrollment Management at St. Mary’s Ryken (SMR), was presented with the highest award in the Xaverian Brother’s school community, the Theodore James Ryken award. 

“Mrs. Cricchi is receiving this award today because of her unselfish dedication to our school community,” said SMR Principal, Dr. Rick Wood. “She is a valued, mission-centered team member and has helped SMR achieve the highest enrollment in our school history.”

After receiving the award and thanking members of the admissions and facilities team, Mrs. Cricchi took a moment to thank the SMR students.

“I want to thank those of you who bring us to SMR every day- the students, all 700 of you,” she said.  “It is because of you that I promote St. Mary’s Ryken with a passion every day.  Before I started working here I had a career in sales, and I never imagined that I’d end up working in education.  So I’m a salesperson at heart, and no matter what I’ve sold in the past, I’ve only ever sold products and services that I believe in.  That’s why the role I have here is such a good fit for me. I believe in St. Mary’s Ryken.  I believe in the mission, and I believe in all of you.  It’s my job to promote the school, and you students are, without a doubt, the best marketing material we’ve got!” 

While at SMR, Mrs. Cricchi started the international student program in 2011 and was later promoted to the Admissions Director.  Recently she has been named the Director of Enrollment Management with the responsibilities to oversee recruitment and retention efforts at SMR. 

“Amy takes time to consciously build personal relationships with students, faculty, staff and parents,” said SMR President, Mrs. Mary Joy Hurlburt. “She is an advocate for the St. Mary’s Ryken’s Community recognizing that each and every individual is a child of God and brings extraordinary gifts to share. Mrs. Cricchi nurtures the students’ personal dignity and integrity as she welcomes them to St. Mary’s Ryken. She promotes daily the traditions, values and charism of the Xaverian Brothers. The Xaverian charism, at it’s core, is relational. Mrs. Cricchi embodies this by forming enduring personal relationships to hep create a community that fosters the values of compassion, simplicity, humility, trust and zeal.” 

Amy’s brother, Fr. Collin Poston, a priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and former seminarian classmatt of Fr. Scott Woods, celebrated the mass with the SMR community, and delivered the homily. 

Currently, the enrollment at SMR is 700 students from over 40 middle schools and seven counties in Maryland and Virginia. Mrs. Cricchi’s team is currently recruiting for the class of 2022.