Recently, the Sheriff’s Office has investigated multiple burglaries to commercial businesses throughout St. Mary’s County. In each case, the suspect(s) used an object to break the glass door before entering the business and stealing property during the night.

We request the public immediately report any suspicious activity, (subjects loitering near area businesses or vehicles parked at businesses after hours for example), to the Sheriff’s Office – CALL 9 1 1 for an emergency and 301.475.8008 for a non-emergency.

County-wide business owners with surveillance camera systems are asked to review footage from approximately February 3, 2018 to present for anything suspicious – even if your business has not been burglarized. If you see anything questionable please give law enforcement the opportunity to determine the value of the footage – please call the Sheriff’s Office Duty Officer at 301.475.4040 so we may review the footage. If you have remote camera access and your business alarm system activates please don’t ignore the alarm. Promptly, take a look and call the Sheriff’s Office immediately if you see suspicious activity.

-Lexington Park COPs Unit