Meeting will be held at the Department of Land Use and Growth Management at theChesapeake Building, 41770 Baldridge Street, Leonardtown, from 4 to 5 p.m.

1) Call to Order

2) Roll call and confirmation of quorum

3) Recognition of Guests

4) Approval of Agenda

5) Approval of Minutes: January 25, 2018

6) Reports
a) Report from Staff
b) Report from Cemetery Committee

7) Old Business
a) Discussion of Hazard Mitigation Meeting with Mr. Gardiner Map review of historic sites previously identified, but not ranked

8) New Business
a) Historic Preservation Award Ceremony in May, 2018
b) Hen Coop Cemetery – request from Mrs. Norton
c) Comments on replacement roof in Hancock Historic District

9) Announcements

10) Items from the Floor

11) Adjournment