On February 12th 2018, Sheriff Mike Evans hosted a Community Forum at Calvert High School to discuss the opioid epidemic, crime, and various other concerns of Calvert County residents. The Sheriff’s Office Drug Intelligence Program Coordinator, Joe Windsor, then gave a presentation detailing some of the 2017 drug overdose statistics for Calvert County, as well as the current trends of the opioid epidemic.

DFC Ryan Kampf also discussed the Sheriff’s Office S.O.L.I.D. program “Sheriff’s Outreach to Loved ones In Distress” as a resource for those suffering from addiction. Sheriff Evans then addressed questions in reference to the recent string of robberies in Calvert County. Lt. Fridman of the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Bureau was also available to answer questions about the robberies. Other topics of discussion were the Sheriff’s Office NIXLE Alert System and various traffic enforcement related issues.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit were on hand to listen and to begin the process of addressing those concerns. Sheriff Evans will be hosting more Community Forums over the coming months.

The details will be announced as soon as plans are finalized.