Will Help Additional Low-Income Working Families with Child Care Costs

BALTIMORE – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the administration has lifted the long-time freeze on the Maryland State Department of Education’s Child Care Subsidy program list. The Child Care Subsidy Program, which is funded through a combination of state and federal sources, provides financial assistance to help eligible working families afford child care costs by issuing vouchers.

“Child care is critically important, especially for low-income working families who need as much assistance as possible,” said Governor Hogan. “Our administration is proud to invest in this chronically underfunded program and provide relief for those who have been on the waiting list, some of whom have been waiting for years.”

A waiting list for the program was established in March 2011 for all non-Temporary Cash Assistance families. In November 2012, the freeze was lifted for the three lowest income tiers, and the five next tiers were opened in March 2013. The two highest income tiers have remained frozen since 2011 – until now. Eligible parents who have registered to receive the assistance have started to receive letters notifying them that funds are now available to process their Child Care Subsidy application. Additionally, others may also apply for the program.

The governor also announced an eight percent increase for child care subsidy providers. The rate increase will decrease the gap between voucher/family co-pay amounts and the tuition charged by providers, thereby increasing the number of affordable childcare options for low-income families.

The Child Care Subsidy application