Two loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off players who are good friends happily split a $50,000 prize discovered on a Cash Explosioninstant ticket they bought together.

The 83-year-old Calvert County resident and his friend from Prince George’s County stopped at Town Center Amoco in Dunkirk on the day they found their lucky scratch-off. The duo usually buys instant tickets at the same time. On the day they found Lottery luck, the pair decided to change their routine and split the $20 cost of one instant ticket. The 52-year-old homemaker let her friend select the game.

Her veteran friend picked the Cash Explosiongame, which offers over one million prizes from $20 to $500 and a $1 million top prize. Before leaving the store, the Suitland woman scratched off the game’s prize check box and scanned it. The instant ticket checker revealed that the game was a big winner! Because they didn’t know the size of their prize, the happy players scratched off the entire instant ticket. Their celebration began when the $50,000 prize appeared!

The Calvert County scratch-off fan remembers shaking his head, saying, “I cannot believe it, we won!” As for the Suitland woman, she began dancing with delight! One player plans to spend the prize and the other will put the winnings into savings.

The lucky retailer who sold the duo the winning ticket is Town Center Amoco located at 10855 Town Center Boulevard in Dunkirk. Plenty of unclaimed prizes remain in this game, including five top prizes of $1 million, 10 more $50,000 prizes and 44 $10,000 prizes.