Prince George’s County Deputy Fire Chief Dennis C. Wood at44years of age and nearly23 years of service announced his retirement effective March 31, 2018. During the most recent three years, he served the personnel thatprovide direct firesuppression and emergency medical services to the communityas theEmergency Services Deputy Chief. Heleaves the Department with a sense of pride and accomplishment about the growth and innovationthat has resulted in improved effectiveness and efficiency.

When asked about his career, hesaid “Any person’s goal in their employment should be to leave itbetter than they found it. The combined efforts within theDepartment and the BakerAdministration has truly accomplished that.I am proud of ouraccomplishments and to have had the privilegeto guide those efforts.The Department is on an excellent path,I look forward to seeingeven greater things in the future.”

Deputy Chief Wood has accepted a position that allows him toserve the fire service as theDirector of Operations for the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA). This opportunity allows him to follow a leadership role that can influence theeffectiveness of the fire service and improve fire safety on a national level. The NFSA seeks the“widespread acceptanceof the sprinkler concept”andPrince George’s County is a national leader in support ofresidential sprinklers, hisexperiences in the Countywill undoubtedly contribute to future successes in his new role.

“Congratulations to Deputy Fire Chief Dennis Wood on his retirement after 23 years of dedicated service to Prince George’s County,” said County Fire Chief Benjamin Barksdale. “I was happy to hear he will be taking a position with the NFSA where he will continue to serve as a residential fire sprinkler advocate not only for personnel and residents here in Prince George’s County but also around the Country.”

No word yet on his replacement.

Courtesy of :Mark E. Brady, Chief Spokesperson