LEONARDTOWN, MD – St. Mary’s County Association of Student Councils held elections for the Student Member of the Board of Education of St. Mary’s County (the Board) position during their recent General Assembly meeting. Laik Meadows, who is part of the Global International Studies Academy at Leonardtown High School, was elected to this position and will replace the current Student Member of the Board, Roma Kankaria from Great Mills High School.

Laik is an 11th grade student at Leonardtown High School, an active member of her school’s Latin Club, and a Student to Student Leader. Ms. Mills, the principal of Leonardtown High School, described Laik as “a dedicated student leader among her peers at school and within her community.” Furthermore, Ms. Mills stated Laik’s dedication, optimism, and commitment makes her an outstanding selection to fulfill the requirements necessary to be successful to represent students of St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

When Laik assumes this elected leadership position, her focus will center on ensuring all students within the school system have a voice. Communication, according to Laik, is an essential ingredient to foster an environment where all perspectives are valued and respected. Additionally, Laik emphasized that an open, honest dialogue with multiple stakeholders will help build upon the success of creating a positive and engaging learning environment within the school system.

Laik will become an official member of the Board of Education and provide an informed student viewpoint to the Board. While serving as the Student Member of the Board, Laik will be sharing information with students and the community on an array of educational concerns. This student leadership position also includes being an active participant at student-related and school-related activities.

For more information, contact Mr. Kevin T. Wright, Supervisor of Instruction for Social Studies, by telephone at 301-475-5511, ext. 32128, or by e-mail at ktwright@smcps.org.