Following the horrific shooting incident at Great Mills High School, the St. Mary’s County Delegates ask for prayers for the injured, their families and the community. The Delegation remains committed to listen to the needs of the school system and local law enforcement to see what assistance the State can offer.
“Our hearts go out to those injured and their families, and to the Great Mills community. We have been told by authorities the situation has been contained and students have been safely bused to Leonardtown High School. I send my deepest gratitude to the St. Mary’s Sheriff for the quick response and action.” said Delegate Deb Rey.
At this time, latest reports indicate that 2 students have been taken to the hospital and the shooter, also a student, has been pronounced dead.
“I’m sick to my stomach hearing of the terrible news out of Great Mills High School this morning. I know that our young people and our entire community will need our love and support over the coming days and weeks ahead. Parents, hug your children a little tighter tonight and let’s pray the victims survive and recover.” said Delegate Morgan.
“It’s my understanding that we should be grateful for the quick involvement of the School Resource Officer, the Sheriff’s department and the teachers and administration. My thoughts and prayers are with the students, families and community.” said Delegate Clark.
Deborah C. Rey, Delegate
St Mary’s County,District 29B