I am grief-stricken over the horrific news coming out of Great Mills HS this morning.As a parent of a child in the public school system, this cuts straight to my heart and of course, is one of my worst fears.No parent should have to worry about their child’s safety when they send them off to school every morning. I want to acknowledge the heroic actions of the School Resource Officer, Blaine Gaskill.Per the most recent reports, it appears that Officer Gaskill engaged the shooter within seconds.Thank God!I do know that both Sheriff Tim Cameron and School Superintendent Scott Smith both take school security extremely seriously. The school system and the police have practiced this worst-case scenario and although we dearly hope and pray that we never have to utilize such measures,their preparation was of utmost value this morning.

Following this tragedy, I am sure there will be many people searching for answers and solutions. School safety is a priority and a conversation we will have.I remain committedto listening to the needs of both the school system and local law enforcement to see what assistance the State of Maryland can offer.

I do know that our young people and our entire community will need our love and support over the coming the weeks ahead.My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this devastating event. Parents, hug your children a little tightertonight.



Matt Morgan
State Delegate 29A