The Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools recently recognized Employees of the Month for the month of March.

The Employees of the Month are:

Northern High School
John Rossi
Bea Schreiber

Northern Middle School
Christie Cook
Margaret O’Grady

Windy Hill Middle School
Allison Saul
Lee Myers

Beach Elementary School 
Siobhan Tedtsen
Mary Ottey

Mt. Harmony Elementary School
Kris Gutherie
Glenda Spragg

Windy Hill Elementary School
Marian Kirkman
Sherri Weedon

School system employees are recognized monthly at Board of Education meetings in accordance with Policy #6620. During the school year, the Board recognizes one support staff member and one professional staff member from designated schools, with each school scheduled for recognition one time per year. Central office support staff and teacher specialists are recognized in June. School and central office administrators are recognized in August.