ANNAPOLIS, MD-VolunteerMarylandtoday announced the celebration of 25 years of service toMarylandcommunities. Since its inception,VolunteerMarylandhas developed over 700 partnerships with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools acrossMaryland, placingVolunteerCoordinators to help bridge the gap between communities facing critical problems and citizens who want tovolunteerto solve those problems. The partnerships have resulted in over 31,000volunteersmobilized to serve 1,730,000volunteerhours in communities around the state.

VolunteerMarylandhelps build stronger, healthier, safer neighborhoods by engaging community members in hands-onvolunteering. Our members spend eleven months breathing-eating-drinking volunteerism; this type of focus results in lasting change,” said Nicki Fiocco Director ofVolunteerMaryland. “Over the past quarter century, the amount of impactVolunteerMarylandAmeriCorps members have had onMarylandcommunities has rippled through our entire region. Through our unique focus on capacity building, our AmeriCorps members develop programs that continue to have an impact on an organization long after their service has been completed.”

Established in 1992,VolunteerMarylandplacesVolunteerCoordinators in partner organizations to increasevolunteerprogram efficiencies, recruitvolunteers, and developvolunteerprograms. In 1993,VolunteerMarylandbegan utilizing funding from the Corporation for National Community Service to recruit AmeriCorps members to serve asVolunteerCoordinators. In the current service year, which runs from August 2017 toJuly 31, 2018, there are 27VolunteerCoordinators serving in organizations throughout the state, including two members serving inVolunteerMaryland’s Office as Peer Leaders. To date this year, theVolunteerCoordinators have mobilized 4,166volunteersto serve 39,444volunteerhours.

To commemorate their 25th year of service,VolunteerMarylandwill host a celebration for past and presentVolunteerMarylandmembers and partners later this year. Additionally,VolunteerMarylandwill engage in a social media campaign until August, which will highlight the impact ofVolunteerMarylandmembers throughout the years. The campaign will be featured on Facebook (@VolunteerMaryland), Twitter (@VolunteerMD), and Instagram (volunteer_maryland).

Image courtesy of Volunteer Maryland Facebook