MD’s Fittest Cop – Sgt. Brian Schweers (photo: Richard Veytsman)

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – A Maryland State Police trooper committed to physical fitness has again been ranked the ‘fittest cop’ in the state after competing in a series of CrossFit® workouts.

Sergeant Brian Schweers, of the Special Operations Division, has been ranked CrossFit’s fittest cop in Maryland, after completing a competition series of five workouts over five weeks. This is his second consecutive year winning this title. He is also ranked as the fifth fittest cop in the Mid-Atlantic region and the 60th fittest police officer in the world, according to CrossFit rankings.

CrossFit describes its program as ‘varied functional movements performed at high intensity.’ Exercises in this year’s competition included dumbbell front squats, bar-facing burpees, and workouts described as ring muscle-ups and bar muscle-ups. The ‘muscle-up’ regimens involved multiple rounds of 100 repetitions of ‘double-under,’ which is jumping rope, but the rope must past under you not once, but twice, before your feet hit the ground. That was followed by overhead squats, muscle-ups on the overhead rings, another set of 100 ‘double-unders,’ dumbbell snatches, more double-unders, and then bar muscle-ups. These varied and intense exercises use weights, aerobics and a limited amount of time to challenge the strength, flexibility, intensity and endurance of the athlete.

Sgt. Schweers understands the benefits of being physically fit, especially in a career as a police officer. His fitness level enables him to endure the rigors of his assignment in the Special Operations Division as a member of the Special Tactical Assault Team Element, the Maryland State Police SWAT Team.

Physical training is a major emphasis in the Maryland State Police Academy for incoming trooper candidates. Programs are in place to encourage continued physical fitness throughout a trooper’s career.

Sgt. Schweers works out at Prodigy Fitness in Essex, MD. Further information about the CrossFit workouts and competition is available at

It is not too late to sign up for the Maryland State Police Fitness Challenge, being held this Saturday at Assateague State Park. Details are available