Looking to Conserve Water and Do Something Good for the Environment? Why not install a rain barrel . . . or Two!

The Calvert County Department of Public Works, University of Maryland Extension, North Beach Environmental Committee and Chesapeake Beach Green Team are pleased to offer a workshop on the practical uses for rain barrels and how they reduce the impact of runoff on our local waterways and Chesapeake Bay.

DATE: Sunday, May 6, 2018
TIME: 11:30am and 1:00pm
PLACE: Northeast Community Center (4075 Gordon Stinnett Ave., Chesapeake Beach, Md 20732)

Participants will have the opportunity to pre-purchase rain barrels and learn the technique for later installation at home. Workshops are 45 minutes in length.  Pre-registration Recommended – Space Limited.  For more information contact Jackie Takacs, 240-393-6508.   To register, click here .   (additional service fees associated with online registration)

Registration Closes May 1, 2018

News from The Green Team (By Barbara Kete)  Now that winter is finally fading into memory it’s time to THINK  GREEN! We all know how important it is to the health of our Bay to control storm water run-off and stop excess  nutrients from entering waterways. An excellent way to do this is to replace grass and impermeable surfaces with native  plants in a buffer garden… (read more)

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