On April 2, 2018 Deputy Mohler conducted a traffic stop on Dorsey Road near the back entrance of Calvert High School. He made contact with the occupants and detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage as well as the faint odor of raw marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The three occupants were asked to exit the vehicle. Located in an outside pocket of a backpack found in the back seat was a small chunk of a green substance of suspected marijuana.

Michael Wayne Smith,50

Deputy Mohler brought the backpack out of the vehicle, and without asking any questions, the backseat passenger,Michael WayneSmith (47), advised the backpack was his. Located in Smith’s wallet was an 8mg Suboxone strip, which he stated he did not have a prescription for. Smith was placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center.

While on the way to the Detention Center, Smith advised he had a gram of marijuana in his underwear. He was charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana.