The Beach Elementary 4th grade team and the Mt. Harmony Elementary 5th grade team earned the top spots in the 21st Annual Elementary Mathematics Challenge. In this year’s event, which is sponsored by the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative and Calvert County Public Schools, 147 4th and 5th graders competed in teams of seven to complete individual and team challenges that involve problem solving, computation and critical thinking skills.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “This is an outstanding event. Our students love to complete. Thanks, SMECO.”

The winners are:

Grade 4 Team Winners                                                                                 Sponsors                                            

1st – Beach Elementary School                                                                    Jen Humphries

2nd – Mt. Harmony Elementary School                                                     Kim Bracey

3rd – Barstow Elementary School                                                               Kelly Short

4th – Huntingtown Elementary School                                                     Jill Gabrielson

5th – Mutual Elementary School                                                                 Mary Freeland

Grade 5 Team Winners

1st – Mt. Harmony Elementary School                                                      Kristi Kahler

2nd – Sunderland Elementary School                                                        Melissa Sydnor

3rd – Windy Hill Elementary School                                                           Nancy Sorzano

4th – Plum Point Elementary School                                                          Sharon Finlayson

5th –Barstow Elementary School                                                                Steve Morris

Grade 4 Individual Winners

1st – Oliver Diamond, Windy Hill Elementary School

2nd – Zachary Rushworth, Dowell Elementary School

3rd – Boris Nusinzon, Mt. Harmony Elementary School

Grade 5 Individual Winners

1st – Hogan Joo, Mt. Harmony Elementary School

2nd – Grace Wood, Mt. Harmony Elementary School

3rd – Luke Erly, Sunderland Elementary School

Top Scorer          Grade 4                                Grade 5

Barstow               Andrew Merranko           Ray Holmberg

Beach                    Julie Hurley                      Archer Pendleton

Calvert                                                             Madelyn Crawford

Dowell                 Zachary Rushworth         Brett Sheranko

Huntingtown     Tanner Chapman              Grace Minakowski

Mt. Harmony     Boris Nusinzon                  Hogan Joo

Mutual                 Emma Mattingly               Sarah Davis

Plum Point          Rondy Le                            Aidan Moreland

St. Leonard         Jayden Bradford               Hunter Reed

Sunderland         Lucas Pletcher                   Luke Erly

Windy Hill            Oliver Diamond                 Aiden Markowitz