Leonardtown, MD –Drug Courts provide focus and leadership for community-wide anti-drug systems. They also bring together criminal justice, treatment, education and other community partners in the fight against drug abuse and criminality. In recognition of the work Drug Courts perform in the community, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County held a ceremony to honor National Drug Court Month.

Drug Court programs are the original form of drug policy reform. They combine intensive judicial supervision, mandatory substance abuse treatment and drug testing with sanctions and incentives in an attempt to break the cycle of drug abuse and drug related crimes.

“Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, treatment and supervision professionals, law enforcement personnel, researchers, educators and community leaders are dedicated to making a profound impact through hard work and commitment to their communities,” said Commissioner Todd Morgan (4th District). “St. Mary’s County is proud to recognize the practitioners and participants who make drug courts work and the significant contributions that drug courts have made and continue to make in reducing drug usage and criminal behavior.”

In recognizing National Drug Court Month, the commissioners hope to increase public awareness of the effectiveness of Drug Courts in St. Mary’s County.

Images courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Public Information Office