Leonardtown, MD –The St. Mary’s County Department of Aging and Human Services serves a thriving community of older Americans who deserve recognition for their contributions and sacrifices to ensure a better life for future generations. The department is committed to helping individuals live longer, healthier and active lives in the community of their choice for as long as possible. In recognition of the value of community engagement and service on the part of older Americans, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have proclaimed May 2018 Older Americans Month.

“Our community provides opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages by promoting and engaging in activity, wellness and social inclusion by ensuring community members of all ages benefit from the contributions and experience of older adults,” said Commissioner President Randy Guy.

In proclaiming Older Americans Month, the commissioners urge every resident to live out this year’s theme “Engage Every Day” by taking the time to celebrate older adults and the people who support and serve them as vital individuals in our community.

Images courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Public Information Office