PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard and partner agencies are participating in FEMA’s 2018 National Level Exercise May 3 through May 9.

Units from across the Coast Guard are participating in the hurricane-based exercise.

The training event prepares the Coast Guard and its partners in the Mid-Atlantic to respond to hurricanes impacting the region. Units are exercising their contingency plans, including evacuation procedures, incident management system and continuity of operations.


“We work with our partners to ensure our ports, waterways and units are prepared for the impacts of severe weather,” said Rear Adm. Meredith Austin, commander of the Fifth Coast Guard District. “This exercise has enabled us to practice our response with a whole-of-community approach that makes us all better able to serve the American people in the face of a natural disaster.”

The exercise scenario simulates a major hurricane making landfall near Hampton Roads, and traveling up the coast to hit Washington, D.C., and vital east coast ports.

Coast Guard units are practicing evacuation procedures, resource management, personnel accountability and continuity of operations plans. They are also involved in concurrent exercises including the National Guard’s Vigilant Guard, NORTHCOM’s Ardent Sentry, and U.S. Fleet Forces Command’s Citadel Gale.

“Just like families are preparing for the 2018 hurricane season, the Coast Guard and its partners are, too,” said Austin. “Please make a plan for your family in case you need to evacuate or shelter in place. If you’re a mariner, make sure you have a plan for your boat, too. This includes obtaining heavy weather mooring lines, stowing loose gear during hurricane season, and having a way to remove your boat from the water if possible.”

For tips on how to prepare you and your loved ones for this hurricane season, check out www.ready.gov.