Leonardtown, MD – Many citizens take for granted that every day of the year, at all hours of the day and night, emergency medical services (EMS) professionals and volunteers can be counted on for critical care at home, on the roadways, in hospitals and wherever the need exists. In honor of their dedicated service the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County has declared the week of May 20 – 26 Emergency Medical Services week in St. Mary’s County.

EMS Week honors thousands of trained and certified volunteer and career first responders, emergency medical technicians, cardiac rescue technicians, paramedics, medevac pilots, communications specialists and emergency department and trauma center personnel. EMS providers spend long hours to further their medical education, train themselves on the latest life-saving techniques and maintain vital emergency equipment.

“A key to the success of the EMS system is the impressive combination of courage, expertise, dedication and compassion which distinguishes the performance of its personnel. The aid they administer often requires split second decisions, essential to preventing disability or death among their fellow citizens,” said Commissioner Tom Jarboe (1st District). “The efforts of these brave and competent men and women in saving human lives and minimizing the disabling effects of injuries merit recognition and appreciation from their community.”

During EMS Week, commissioners urge all citizens to observe this week with respect and appreciation.