In support of H-D’s long-term strategy to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson® motorcycle riders globally, one of the company’s three-year strategic focus areas in international markets is to build brand awareness of Harley-Davidson through apparel.

To do that, the Motor Company is opening apparel-only stores in malls and key shopping areas, in combination with e-commerce, to sell a contemporary and unique line of Harley-Davidson branded casual, off-the-bike apparel.

In 2017, Harley signed a licensing agreement with G-III, a global apparel expert with hundreds of existing stores and world-class brands in their portfolio, including: Calvin Klein, Guess?, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Levi’s and Dockers.  In February of this year, the first of these Harley-Davidson apparel stores opened at the new Aegean mall in Shanghai, China, followed by two stores now open in India in Siliguri, West Bengal and Imphal, Manipur.

In the coming months, more stores will open in China, India and Malaysia.

“Rather than wait for people to find us, or to embrace two-wheelers, we plan to go where they are, using apparel as an accessible way to jumpstart their journey with our brand,” said Marc McAllister, VP of International Sales and Markets. “Through a combination of brick and mortar retail and online stores, we have the opportunity to reach millions of people that have not yet engaged with Harley-Davidson, which ultimately means a brighter future for our company and our dealership network in the region.”

This new approach will appeal to 18 to 35-year-olds who seek what the H-D brand represents: authenticity, freedom and a form of self-expression. Many may not be riders yet, but as familiarity with our brand grows, they will be drawn to our dealerships to go deeper into a true Harley-Davidson experience.