There has been a report of severe shoaling within the channel boundaries of St. Patrick Creek. Shoaling has been reported in the vicinity of St. Patrick
Creek Channel Daybeacon 3 (LLNR 17120) extending to St. Patrick Creek Channel Daybeacon 5 (LLNR 17135) with depths of 2-4? at MLW. Shoaling to
1? MLW has been observed in the channel in the vicinity of St. Patrick Creek Channel Buoy 3A (LLNR 17125).
Chart 12286

From the Facebook Page of U.S. Coast Guard Sector Maryland-National Capital Region :

Attention St. Patrick Creek, MD Boaters: There’s severe shoaling in the St. St. Patrick Creek, proceed with extreme caution! We’ll be completing a temporary emergency change to some of the aids to navigation in the area. For more info, check out the Local Notice to Mariners at:

To provide comments on the change, email CGD5waterways@uscg.mil.