From Principal Mandy Blackmon: Mrs. Dawson is an outstanding Spanish teacher and staff member at Southern Middle School. At any time, you can walk by her classroom and hear or see students engaged in their learning by singing songs, acting out vocabulary, or practicing their newly learned skills in conversation.

This year, Mrs. Dawson has been a tremendous resource by providing the needed supports to grow the Spanish program at Southern Middle School. She goes out of her way to ensure that the lessons are engaging and enriching so Southern Middle students continue to make progress in their learning and to develop a respect for other cultures. Mrs. Dawson is full of school spirit and is one of the yearbook chairs.

Mrs. Dawson has also taken on new leadership roles by joining the Instructional Leadership Team and becoming the Coach of the PBIS Team. Mrs. Dawson supported the PBIS Team this year by working with staff members to develop a common language and approach to a positive behavior management system that helps students grow socially and emotionally. Ms. Dawson is always willing to give a helping hand and her efforts are recognized by all.

We thank her for all that she does for us.