From Principal Rick Weber: Ms. Diana Roof began her career with CCPS in 2000 but joined Huntingtown High School in 2013 and has remained here for the past 5 years. She teaches Special Education in the Structural Learning Environment Regional Program located at Huntingtown.

She is an amazing teacher who works tirelessly to support her students and their diverse needs. She has mastered the content she teaches and the accompanying pedagogy. The key to Ms. Roof’s success is her ability to build positive, caring relationships with her students, most of whom have language difficulties, problems with executive functioning and exhibiting effective social skills.

The relationships Ms. Roof builds with her students and their devotion to her is inspiring. In fact, when I am having a difficult day, I try to go to Ms. Roof’s room to see her and her students. A visit to her classroom always puts a smile on my face.

In addition to Ms. Roof’s exceptional work with her students, she works tirelessly to support the school’s Relay for Life efforts. Ms. Roof is an extraordinary educator, and she makes Huntingtown High School a better place to work and learn.