SOLOMONS, MD – June 20 – Tidewater Dental is the proud sponsor of Calvert Marine Museum’s newest Megalodon Jaws exhibit. On display soon, Megalodon Jaws is a reconstructed jaw of the extinct mega-tooth shark Carcharocles megalodon (aka megalodon).

The fiberglass jaw is over 5 feet wide with 135 authentic fossil teeth ranging from 4 ½” in length (anterior teeth) down to 1 ½” (posterior teeth). The teeth are layered in 3 rows. The upper jaw contains 24 teeth per row and the lower jaw contains 22 teeth per row. Megalodon lived here 8-18 million years ago during most of the Miocene epoch. This shark would have been about 40 feet long.

Dr. Richard Friedman and behind is Dr. Stephen Godfrey. Right: Sherrod Sturrock and behind is Sarah Lewis.

The teeth were collected and the jaw was assembled by the late fossil hunter, Vito Bertucci. He spent his life and was famous for finding large megalodon teeth and reconstructing their jaws.

A long-time supporter of the Calvert Marine Museum, Tidewater Dental generously supports the Waterside Concert Series and SHARKFEST. They have been serving Southern Maryland for over 40 years with locations in Lexington Park, Solomons Island, Lusby, and Prince Frederick (Lanham & Dunkirk opening soon!) offering on-time, state of the art dentistry close to home.

Front row left to right: Elicia Foley, Daniela Anthes-Spears, Kelly Musket and Megan Bell
Back row left to right: Karen Diamond, Dr. Richard Friedman, Sarah Lewis, and Joanna Parker

“Very few of these jaws are on public display; this is super cool for the museum and we are honored to now have genuine Megalodon teeth in a reconstructed jaw,” said Dr. Stephen Godfrey, CMM’s Curator of Paleontology.