A Public Awareness Message from Lt. Ronnie Naughton and your Twin Beach Patrol Deputies:

On behalf of your Twin Beach Patrol Deputies, I felt compelled to address the many Facebook posts concerning the fights that are taking place amongst a contingent of juveniles that show up to the Friday Night Farmer’s Market and other boardwalk events. The Town of North Beach and your Patrol Deputies work extremely hard to make these events enjoyable to all who attend, while at the same time ensuring the safety of the residents and visitors to the town. In short, our relatively quiet, peaceful and crime-free community has become marred by these isolated juvenile events.

As a community that supports its Deputies and their efforts, I wanted to thank you all for that support. At the same time, I want to assure you that this behavior will no longer go unpunished. I’m sure many parents are not aware of the juvenile mischief that has been taking place on Friday nights at the farmer’s market and Callis Park, which is the new park located behind the North Beach Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Besides the fights, we have had property destruction and other disorderly behavior. As parents, I encourage you to be proactive with your children. Talk to your children and reiterate appropriate behavior while attending these events. After all, these events are for everyone to enjoy and it’s quite a shame that they are being ruined by a group of juveniles who lack etiquette  and respect for others.

In the past, our Deputies have attempted to talk to and mentor some of those involved. Some of the more serious offenders have been arrested and charged criminally. Beginning this Friday night, July 6, 2018, a zero tolerance policy will be set into effect. I will have the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team deploy their bike patrol unit. Additionally, I will deploy additional foot patrol units at the Farmer’s Market. Both units will be used to supplement the Twin Beach Patrol Deputies and will continue to patrol the event throughout the remainder of the summer. In order to restore enjoyment to the Farmer’s Market, juveniles who engage in fighting, disorderly conduct, or profane and obnoxious language will be charged criminally with the appropriate charge and transported to Prince Frederick for processing. Parents will then be required to respond to sign for their child’s release.

Thank you for your continued support of the Town of North Beach and Twin Beach Patrol Deputies. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Lt. Ronnie Naughton

Deputy Commander Twin Beach Patrol

Email: Ronald.naughton@calvertcountymd.gov