On Wednesday, July 11, 2018 several employees of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and St. Mary’s County Government were recognized for excellence in law enforcement and supporting services during the first three months of 2018.

Deputy of the Quarter: Cpl. David Potter

Civilian of the Quarter: Glenda Thompson, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Corrections Division

Meritorious Action: Sgt. William Raddatz, Cpl. Angela Delozier, Cpl. Kenneth Flerlage, Cpl. Steven Kerby and Security Specialist David Koenig

Bronze Medal of Valor: Sgt. Harold Young and Cpl. Brian Connelly

Commendations: Dep. Joseph Bowling, Kelly Castle, Glenda Thompson, Rhonda Wathen, Robert Johnson, Retired Lt. Saraha Norris, Andrew Cheney, Cpl. Julie Yingling, Sgt. Sherry Harrison, Valerie Hayden, Corrections Officer Rainer Hersh, Robert Horner, Corrections Officer Jonathan Rosado and CFC Matthew Zumbrun

Sheriff’s Salutes: Retired Lt. Saraha Norris, Retired Lt. William Baker, Andrew Cheney, Ray Pilger, Ralph Broome, Dillon Payne, Rocky Binger, Todd Rice, Cheryl Chalk, Bradley Kirscht and the IT Help Desk