The Town of North Beach became a Sustainable Community in 2014 with the State of Maryland and a Sustainable Maryland certified with the State of Maryland. Both of these programs foster the abilities of towns towards establishing green practices, saving money and taking positive steps in sustaining the quality of life for residents over the long term.

We wanted to further those goals with a work plan with the support of our Environmental Committee and Town Council to launch a Healthy Living  Program. This program, made possible through funding from the Maryland Energy Administration, has been created to assist those most vulnerable, seniors and low-to-moderate income residents, to take part in reducing their carbon footprint. Utility bills are rising and this is a program that will lower your utility bills and allow for more money in your pocket and less money towards paying your utility bills. Our programs reaches beyond our boundaries so that residents of Calvert County may apply to make their homes more energy efficient.

This funding is limited and if you need any information we will be glad to assist you in filling out your application. Feel free to reach out to us if you need additional information. We can be reached at 301.855.6681 or send an email to