WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor released its jobs report for July:

“This morning’s monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to reveal structural problems negatively affecting workers, small businesses, and long-term economic growth.  

“Seven months after Republicans enacted their dangerous tax law, amid promises of $4,000 wage increases for all workers and broadly felt economic growth, the reality is that those benefiting the most are large corporations and their wealthy investors.  Every week brings new reports of companies using their tax breaks to buy back stock and benefit shareholders, while wages for workers have stagnated.  Simply put, their tax law isn’t benefiting the middle class as President Trump and Republicans promised it would. 

“House Democrats are standing up ‘For the People’ to raise wages, lower health care costs and prescription drug prices, and put a stop to government corruption that disadvantages American workers and businesses and worsens inequality.  An important part of that effort is Democrats’ new Make It In America plan to make Congress a partner once more in helping make our economy work for the American people.  In the three core areas of education, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure, we are offering bold solutions that come from listening directly to workers, business owners, students, and local leaders.  A strong economy isn’t just about how many new jobs we create – it’s about making sure that our workers and entrepreneurs have the tools to succeed in our economy and get ahead.”