In order to provide better customer service to the St. Mary’s College community, the 911Shield app is now CampusShield. By downloading and installing onto your phone, the new CampusShield app will allow you to receive Seahawk Alerts, text alerts that instantly notify you of college closings due to weather or other reasons, along with the major features the 911Shield app offered includingemergency calling, iReport, Friend Watch, and campus information. This new CampusShield app also allows emergency notifications to be posted directly to College email and the College Twitter account.

Follow these simple steps (you only have to do this once)

Step One: Download CampusShield from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Step Two: Select St. Mary’s College of Maryland from the list of schools.

Step Three: Select whether you are a Student or Faculty/Staff

Step Four: Fill out registration information

Step Five: Delete 911Shield app from your phone if you have the old app

The application is available for free on both Android and iPhone devices. Don’t have a smart phone? You can still sign up for text alerts by visiting and completing your profile.

The emergency call feature allows users to access emergency services at the push of a button. The user will be immediately connected with campus police if on campus. Campus police are also automatically provided the users location and any profile information, such as a photo and any medical history that the app user chooses to share. If the user is not on campus, the app can still be used, and the caller is routed to the closest 911 call center.

The iReport feature, which may be used anonymously, allows users to send text messages along with photos and videos directly to the St. Mary’s College Office of Public Safety for non-emergency situations.

The Friend Watch feature is a peer-to-peer safety service which allows app users who want additional safety to assign a group of friends to look after them during certain activities, such as while jogging alone or walking to and from class.

For help with 911Shield, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 240-895-4911