From the Charles County Sheriff’s Facebook Page:

Congratulations to CCSO Officers Brandon Morrison and Cody Garner who graduated from the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Regional Basic SWAT School, Session 34 this afternoon. They will now be a part of our agency’s Emergency Services Team, which currently has 21 members.

The three week school consisted of rigorous classroom and practical training relating to “high risk” search and seizure/arrest warrants, hostage/barricade resolution, tactical theory, vehicle assaults, chemical agent familiarization, firearms training and rappelling. The course was both physically and mentally demanding to the core. To graduate from this training, an officer must be in top physical condition and pass a series of tests.

Pictured are members of the CCSO’s Emergency Services Team with Officer Morrison (left center) and Officer Garner (right center).

The protection of life is our highest priority. Members of EST are often called upon to handle the most dangerous and challenging situations when time allows.