CAASA is the first to receive funds from The Gott Company’s “Got To Give” program which will continue to support local charities.

Prince Frederick, MD, Tuesday, September 11, 2018 – The Gott Company presented the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA) with a check for $2,500 after doubling what customers donated through the “Got To Give” donation program in the business’ Fastop Food Store locations across Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, as well as the Magic Tunnel in Prince Frederick, MD.  As store customers stopped in to purchase items they were encouraged to leave their change or make a donation to the organization which had a flyer on the cashiers’ countertop.

“CAASA sincerely appreciates the generosity of business partners such as the Gott Company,” said CAASA President Kristen DePhillip.  “Contributions made to our organization are vital to our ability to continue substance use prevention and education programs throughout the county.”

CAASA was the first organization to receive funds generated from the program, gathered to help fuel the county’s war against heroin and opioids usage.  After totaling donation’s made from customers alone, the Gott Company doubled the amount and plans on continuing to do so for various organizations around the county.

(Left to right) The Gott Company Operations Manager Jim Miller, Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA) President Kristen DePhillip, The Gott Company President Johnny Gott.

“We learned a lot from our first donation campaign and hope to use that experience to increase donations as we move forward,” said company President Johnny Gott.  “Then double the donations made to double the impact being made in our community.”

Other organization’s the company looks forward to donating to include Calvert Hospice and Team Calvert Crones.  Customers who stop into the stores to donate are encouraged to join in the online conversation by using the hashtag #GOTToGive.