ANNAPOLIS, Md. (September 5, 2018) – Comptroller Peter Franchot today announced that 331 people discovered more than $385,000 in unclaimed funds at his agency’s booth at this year’s Maryland State Fair. One attendee learned about an unexpected windfall of $28,919.

Throughout the summer, Comptroller Franchot’s staff have had a presence at county fairs and the State Fair as part of an initiative to help reunite Marylanders with money they are owed. Once again, more people found unclaimed property at a higher total dollar amount than at last year’s fair, possibly due to higher attendance. More than 1,350 people made inquiries at the unclaimed property booth at this year’s the fair.

“Every day, my staff diligently works to find the owners of unclaimed property and to make sure they get what belongs to them,” Comptroller Franchot said. “County fairs and festivals around the state  – especially the Maryland State Fair –  give agency staffers an extra opportunity to meet residents and help them find unclaimed funds and items that are rightfully theirs.”

Financial institutions, utilities, insurance companies and other corporations are required to report to the Comptroller any bank accounts, security deposits, wages, insurance benefits and contents of safe deposit boxes that have been unclaimed after three years. In addition to his booths at fairs and festivals, the Comptroller’s Office searches for owners of unclaimed funds by searching tax records to try and locate property owners.

Franchot urges anyone who finds their name on the list to contact his office at 410-767-1700 (Central Maryland) or toll-free at 1-800-782-7383 to find out how to reclaim their lost property. Marylanders can also see if their name is on the list through