ANNAPOLIS, MD – First Lady Yumi Hogan was recently honored with the National Association of Secretaries of State’s (NASS) Medallion Award. Founded in 1904, NASS is the nation’s oldest nonpartisan professional organization for public officials.

The First Lady recieved the Medallion Award for her advocacy and dedication to working on behalf of victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. Maryland Secretary of State John Wobensmith presented the award at Maryland’s 41st annual Korean Festival on Saturday, September 15.

“As First Lady, I am committed to advocating for our citizens, especially those who are most in need,” said First Lady Yumi Hogan. “I will continue to use my platform to support, encourage, and inspire Marylanders across our state, and I am honored to receive this award.”


“Mrs. Hogan is a cultural ambassador to our Asian communities in Maryland, as well as a strong advocate for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence,” said Secretary Wobensmith. “Her dedication and commitment to helping our citizens has been demonstrated by the many visits she has made to victim centers across the state.”

The First Lady has been involved in many state initiatives aimed at supporting victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, including the Address Confidentiality Program which helps protect victims and restore their independence by shielding their personal information from their abuser. She also visits local shelters that provide services to Marylanders impacted by these terrible crimes, including a recent visit to Barstow Acres Children’s Center in Calvert County, which offers mental health services as well as developmental and enrichment programs to at-risk children, adults, and families.

NASS gives the opportunity to Secretaries of State to award individuals with the Medallion Award for promoting one or more of the following areas: elections; civic education; service to state government specifically as it relates to the duties of the office of the Secretary of State; and a commitment to giving a business or individual whose philanthropic contributions have significantly enhanced the quality of life in a local or regional area within a state, or within an entire state.