California, MD- Residents of Florida are preparing for what could be a Category 2(possibly a 3) Hurricane in Michael. Watches and warnings are being placed all over the panhandle, along with Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Georgia. Over the course of the next 4-5 days, areas from the Panhandle to New England are expected to get varying degrees of rain, ranging from 1-12 inches.

So what can we expect in Southern Maryland? As of Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the forecast shows the SoMd Region can begin expecting Tropical storm type winds late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Rainfall is expected to be 1-3 inches, with some locals experiencing 4 inches.In a summer where we have experienced over 25 inches of rain, a few inches can be devastating. 

While we don’t expect any kind of Hurricane/Tropical Storm warnings to be issued in the region, rainfall and the occasional wind gusts are to be expected. 

Here is the latest predictions from the NOAA National Hurricane Center:

This Hurricane, as with all Hurricanes, is a developing system and is subject to change quickly. We will update this article if/when necessary with relevant information. 

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